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    Tips on Changing Careers

    The work world is rapidly evolving in recent years and itís more important than ever to evolve with it. Times have changed dramatically from when it was possible to work 40+ years for the same company, and many workers can no longer rely on the same job security that they may have enjoyed in the past. Entire industries are becoming obsolete while entirely new ones spring up seemingly overnight, with many workers faced now with the very daunting task of needing to change the career path they may have been on for all their working life.

    The single most valuable tip if you're considering a career change is to be flexible, and to try to let go of many of the notions and preconceptions you might have held in the past. One big trend in the workplace is that job definitions and boundaries are blurring more and more, with many employees asked to tackle projects outside the traditional boundaries of what an executive assistant, bookkeeper, or human resource manager might do. While your work history is important, more and more employers are looking past what's strictly listed on your resume, so donít be afraid to apply for positions that might seem far outside your past work experience.

    Change is usually scary - and rightfully so - but it's also more and more a reality of the workplace. Workers in technical positions often change employers frequently, and what matters more are your technical qualifications and skills far more than a letter of recommendation from a previous boss or a ten year plus career with a single company. Focus more on developing your skills and experience and worry less about how a particular position might look on your resume. Take a look at our 100 Essential Career Change Tips eGuide for a structured way to approach your career change.

    ALSO: Explore our Career Change Toolkit for tools to support each stage of your career change.

    Newer industries may seem like a riskier choice as opposed to a job with a mature, stable company or a government position, but the reality is that no job is truly safe in todayís age of outsourcing and never-ending drive for efficiency. Taking a risky position with an online casino company, for example, as a database administrator might seem like a gamble if you turn down a similar offer from an insurance company, but it could turn out to be a very wise decision in the end. Evaluate each potential position with clear eyes and no preconceptions, as each job is different and many industries are evolving so rapidly that past perceptions really carry no weight in today's workplace.

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