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    Mums At Work

    Are you about to become a mother? Are you a mum wanting to get back to work? Not sure what to do?  Struggling to find the right balance?

    We can help you find the answers to your many questions. We can also help you to make it happen through our range of services and support:


    Career Support for Mums - Career Ignition Club

    Are you thinking about a career change or about getting back to work? Would you like to have a place to go where you can always count on getting valuable support and guidance for your career choices and next steps? If so, our Career Ignition Club is for you.

    We've designed it specifically to be a support system that you can turn to as you build your career. It contains a wealth of information and learning sessions as well as an online community for you to tap into. It's also available 24/7.

    Find out more about the Career Ignition Club and becoming a member.


    Career Programmes for Mums (one to one)

    We can support you from the moment you become pregnant through to your return back into work, depending on exactly what you need and when you need it.  Becoming a mother is a major change and transition for you. It requires some delicate maneuvering and planning for several parties.  

    Work with a Career Guide who knows what it's like to transition in and out of work, become a mum and have to juggle the various set of priorities that come about with this amazing and challenging stage in your life.

    Becoming a mum and then returning to work afterwards are both major career shifts.  You're about to take some time out to have your baby or you're about to figure out how to get back into it after being out of work for so long. During these changes it's important to think about 'mum' and how you are going to make this work for you:

    • What do you want to do now?
    • What are your options?
    • How can you make it work?

    Contact us or request a free consultation, to find out how our programmes can support you and your family.


    Resources for Mums


    Is it time to leave work? Should I stay or go?

    One month down, eleven to go! 2011 is moving fast. Are you filled with excitement and energy to tackle what lies ahead - or does the sense of time passing add to the extent of feelings of isolation and confusion with which you may be dealing with right now?

    When the burning question is ' should I stay or do I go ' : then what's to do? Do I leave work? Do I stay?

    This is a very typical question which many of our clients frequently ask themselves. First of all, quit worrying about how to handle change!!  

    Surveys show that it is not uncommon for people to mull over the possibility of changing aspects of their working life for up to three years before they actually do something. Feel better now?

    Much of the time, of course, the issue at stake is not a fear about change but a lack of clarity about where to be headed and what to be doing. Add to that a real and understandable nervousness about the impact which change has on the routine and fabric of our lives and of those around us and inertia is often the result.

    But you know, it really doesn't have to be like this!   Solitary musing interspersed by bouts of frantic worry or self loathing are no good to anybody.

    Position Ignition Guides are highly attuned to all aspects of change. Each has undergone many transitions themselves. Yep many changes, transitions and career changes. We've all had the 'should I stay or go' , 'shall I leave work or not' questions pop up!  We use our knowledge and experience sensitively and are well placed to offer sensitive yet challenging steers to help you navigate your way forward and handle the myriad issues which arise.

    So, is it time? The simple act of getting in touch with us is a step forward on the road to exploring new beginnings. Partnering with a Position Ignition guide is certain to be energising and enlightening.

    The process of analysis, reflection, decision making and action will propel you to greater self awareness and confidence than perhaps you ever thought possible.

    The clarity which results will fire up your achievement in the months and years to come.

    So, if not now, then when? 

    Go on, you know you want to!

    About the Author

    Mary Cope is a Position Ignition Guide. She works with individuals across all industry sectors and functions to fulfil their best, unique potential. After a long, successful career leading Human Resources in global companies Mary uses her deep knowledge and wide experience to help others fashion their most fulfilling careers and lives. Mary is a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, holds an MBA and accreditations in career counselling and self development. She is a mother of 3 and loves walking in the countryside. Her favourite quote is '' Winners never quit, quitters never win !''  ( Vincent Thomas Lombardi )


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