Founder and Director: Nisa Chitakasem

Nisa Chitakasem is an online careers expert and start-up business specialist. She is one of leading voices in the online space for careers, workplace issues and business development.  Her focus and energy is on creating new businesses and in finding new ways to take great products and services to market.

She also believes that everyone deserves to find a fulflling and rewarding career in their own unique way.

Where it all began

Nisa’s career began in the internet start-up world, after graduating with a 1st class honours from Imperial College London -  in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. She has been at the forefront of several new start-up businesses including working with the founders of on their latest venture,

Nisa has always enjoyed the energy in small businesses and the opportunities that creating something new presents. She brings a revolutionary approach to career transition which is spurred on by her hands-on approach, curiosity around new developments and wealth of experience in building new businesses. She has worked across a variety of roles from operations to project management, marketing and business strategy, which gives her a unique perspective on how to create strong businesses.

Moving it on

Nisa’s interest in technology fuels her natural curiousity in online developments and the latest online innovations. It also puts her in a strong position to scale up the company and to help others harness the power of the internet. She is responsible for Position Ignition’s online marketing, social media strategy, business development and it’s global presence in building out the company’s online capability.

Nisa founded Position Ignition to bring high quality careers advice to the market. She believes that nobody should do a job that they hate and that there is a right job out there for each of us; if only we took the time and had the right guidance to help us to find it.

Nisa continues to build Position Ignition’s brand as the UK’s leading career consulting company and has been featured in Forbes, iVillage, Recruiter Magazine, Changing Careers Magazine and Women in Technology.

She is a regular panelist and career expert for The Guardian Online Career Clinics (see our Speaking Eventsand is a featured author in the popular career book, Launchpad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide.

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Nisa is featured in LaunchPad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide:

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