Career Guide: Penny Gundry

Having worked for many years with people going through career transitions Penny was drawn to the vision of Position Ignition. She believes it is important to take into account the person’s whole life when making long lasting and meaningful career shifts making it work for both the individual and organisation.

Since leaving her post in senior management in 2005 Penny Gundry has worked with a variety of organisations in Ireland, the UK and West Africa. She has a strong, established reputation as a coach and personal development trainer.

Penny combines her skills from her stress reduction training and coaching with her family therapy background to create something that is both real and safe for her clients. She draws from a toolbox of experiences and methods to solve problems and help develop new ideas.

Penny has a proven track record working with people to develop the workplace environment that best suits them. She also has years of experience working with people to ease anxiety, improve sleep patterns, and reduce symptoms of stress.   

Penny’s own life-path has been quite varied. Before becoming a coach, Penny was Principal of the College of Progressive Education in Dublin with over 3000 students nationwide.  She also worked for a year with families in an isolated region of Venezuela, South America, and in  conflict  resolution as part of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the 1990s before the Good Friday Agreement was signed.  

Penny is a graduate of the Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin where she did her Masters in Management and Organisation Studies; She has Certificate Teaching Stress Reduction from the Stress Management Institute of Ireland and a Certificate and Diploma in Coaching from Coaching Development UK. Penny is a member of the International Coach Federation

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