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    Why work with us?

    It’s about results

    If you work with Position Ignition, we will guide you to achieve real results.  There is no point going to a career expert for advice and leaving even more confused about what to do than when you arrived. 

    We believe that you should receive  support until you achieve your goal.  We help you to get clear about what you want, move to action and make sure that you get it. 

    Our programs are geared to do this and our payment structure can also reflect this – meaning that we’ll leave a portion of your payments until you achieve your goal – whether it’s changing careers, finding the right executive job, being clear about how you’re going to start your business or retiring.

    You get structure

    We have a structured approach to helping you move forwards. We give you the structure that you need, to help you get more focused and strategic about getting what you want.

    Our approach has been tried and tested over several years – so we know it works.  We design your next steps with you and make sure that you have a personal action plan each step along the way that you can implement to make sure you’re constantly moving in the right direction.

    How to do it is the most crucial issue

    There seem to be enough processes out there helping people figure out why they are confused and why they are feeling the way they are feeling.  Not enough places help you actually do it i.e. make it happen, make the change, move you towards what you want. Making sure you know how to get it is the key element.

    We do know how!  We will help you figure out what you want from your career and why you want it. We will make sure you know exactly how to get it and how to make your career work for you.

    It’s all about you

    Everything we do is tailored towards you.  We believe in working flexibly with our clients and in structuring what we do around your needs and your particular situation.

    We know that everyone is different and that there will be no generic solution that fits all.  We want to put the time and effort in to making sure that you get everything you need in order to make your next step really work.

    For us, the priority and focus is on getting what is right for you.

    Guide Matching

    You will be matched to the best guide for you and what you want.  We have a very diverse team of Career Guides who are all highly experienced career experts in their own right. They’ve come from a variety of backgrounds, with a range of life and career experiences and are all highly qualified (see Professional Associations). There is no ‘typical’ Position Ignition Career Guide and that is absolutely the point! 

    You will be matched to a member of our team who is in the best position to support you in your next step.  Their background, personality, style, experience in life and in their career will be chosen to match and compliment yours in terms of what you’ve done and where you want to go.  Our Career Guides also have extensive networks which you can tap into as part of our programs to help you get connected to the right people and places.

    We are flexible

    You can work with us face to face, via the telephone or through Skype.  For many of our clients, it works well to do a combination.

    For individuals outside of the UK, we use Skype and it works very effectively.

    We work in creative settings

    We will work with you in open spaces, natural and beautiful places that you and we agree in London and across the UK.  

    For most of our clients the last thing they want to do is to leave one ‘stuffy office’ only to meet us in yet another ‘stuffy office’. So, we will work with you outside, in quiet spaces, in your home, at your office if you really want, but the idea is to take you out of your normal working environment so that we can be creative about your next steps.

    Our team of career experts have been working this way for years and we know that it works, that it is effective and that it brings out the best in people.

    We want to get personal

    Everything we do is about you. So, in order to be good at what we do, we need to spend the time to really get to know you so that we can Guide you with real insight into what’s right for you and what will ultimately work for you. 

    Everyone’s career is a personal thing. Other factors in your life will affect your career decisions and choices.  We want to really know you so that we can help you make the right career choices.

    Focus is crucial

    One reason that we are so confused about what we want to do or why we aren’t making any progress, is because we lack focus.  Our thinking can be all over the place, processing a variety of options and in the end it means that we don’t do any of them particularly well or make any real headway with them. 

    With us, we will help you get more focused in your career and life generally. We will help you get clearer about what to do and how to do it. 

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